When it comes to place card ideas, there are just too many to count!  My favorite though, are those that are versatile and can act not only as a seating card, but as a unique party favor as well.

For our wedding, we used custom CDs with some of our favorite songs.  I tied them up with some satin ribbon and stuck a cute custom tag on them with each guest’s name and table number.  They were a true hit!  We still get compliments to this day!

Here’s another fun place card idea for a wine tasting party or wine only wedding:


Wine Glass Place Cards and Party Favors

I actually made these for my blog kickoff party, so of course they’re green, but since they’re DIY party favors, the color possibilities are endless!  Choose a nice hue to match the tones of your event.

Wine Glass Place Cards and Party Favors - Painting Wine Glass Stems and Bases

First, I wrapped and taped up the wine glasses (6 for $4.75 at Ikea) and then had the hubby spray paint them.

Wine Glass Place Cards and Party Favors - Names and Table Numbers

Wine Glass Place Cards and Party Favors - Names and Table Numbers Close Up

Next, I cut the cute little tags with my Cricut (but any tags would work – even just circle cutouts with a hole punch would work too), wrote the numbers with a silver gel pen, attached them with these cute little ball chains that my crafty mother-in-law found on eBay (thanks for sharing mother-in-law!) and then wrote each guest’s name with a Sharpie.

They worked out perfect!

This cute place card idea was actually a triple threat…Not only did it act as a place card or seating card, but it also acted as a drinking glass for the night and a party favor for when the night was done!

So get to it, and cheer’s to your next fabulous event!

<3 Lulubell Elaine