If you’re like me, maybe you’ve run into a few of these problems when it comes to grocery shopping:

  1. You get to the grocery market and can’t remember what you need or always forget something.
  2. You make a grocery list so you DON’T forget but you end up running a marathon through the grocery store because you’re going back and forth on your list.
  3. You forget your coupons at check out!  (This one always kills me!)

Well, I’ve created a solution to help us both out!  This is my Weekly Grocery List.

Weekly Grocery List

So what makes this weekly grocery list better than grandma’s refrigerator pen and notepad?  It’s simple! And it will change your life forever!  Here it is:

  • First, this list is broken up into categories based on standard grocery market isles.  That way, every time you remember you need something from the grocery market, you write it down in its respective category so when you’re ready to make that dreaded trek to the grocery market, you have a handy little grocery list with all your items already organized by standard grocery market isles.  (No more running back and forth because you forgot the milk!)
  • Second (and this one’s my favorite), are those little c’s next to each items line.  These are for coupons!  When you clip coupons, if you have a coupon for a certain line item, circle the ‘c’! That way, when you are ready to check out, you will always remember whether or not you have a coupon for any of your items! (I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I’ve kicked myself for forgetting these!)

How simple is that!  Not to mention just how darn cute it is!

So, create your own own weekly grocery list with categories and coupon tracking OR do what’s easy and download your Free Weekly Grocery List Printable here!

(There are two per page, so print ‘em out and cut ‘em in half.  We like to save trees around here!)

Hope you enjoy!

<3 Lulubell Elaine