This next little idea is a special one for me, because I am a true believer in the POWER OF GIVING.  I can’t imagine a single person in the world who couldn’t use a little extra love or a show of appreciation on any given day. Can you?

So that’s were the Giving Plate comes from; This idea of giving a little extra love and appreciation to those around us, whether it be a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker or even a distant acquaintance.  Everyone deserves a nice surprise every once in a while.  Something out of the blue that they would have never expected.  Something to make them feel loved and appreciated in even the smallest way.  Something even this small can really go a long way.


1. I bought a nice clean white plate from the local dollar store (mine was a little squared, but any plain white plate will do.  Preferably without any grooves on it though) and a regular black sharpie marker.

White Plate & Permanent Marker

2. I found a font I liked, created the text on the computer and printed it out on regular printer paper.  (To save you some time, I’ve gone ahead and attached The Giving Plate Lettering here)

The Giving Plate Lettering

3. Turn your paper around, take a pencil and completely color in the back of the text on the paper.

The Giving Plate Pencil Transfer 2

The Giving Plate Pencil Transfer

4. Flip your paper back over, position on your plate and tape down into place.

The Giving Plate Transfer Taped

5. Using your pencil again, and pressing down very firmly, trace the outline of the text onto your plate.

The Giving Plate Transfer Outline

6. When you remove the paper and the tape you should be left with a light sketched outline of your text.

The Giving Plate Lettering Outlines

7. Next, take your Sharpie marker and fill in the outlined text completely.

The Giving Plate with permanent marker

8. Now take your Sharpie marker and write your name (and the date too if you’d like) ANYWHERE on your plate.

The Giving Plate Names

9. Then, bake your plate in the over at 350 degrees fahrenheit for 20 minutes to make the marker permanent.

The Giving Plate

10. Finally, fill the plate with some type of goodie (whether handmade or not is up to you), wrap it and pass it on to someone special.  Don’t forget to include the Giving Plate instructions though!



When you find yourself the lucky recipient of this special plate, enjoy your special treat and then make sure to wash it clean.  Once it’s back to sparkling white, write your name (and date) with a Sharpie marker and bake the plate at 350 degrees fahereheit for 20 minutes (this will make the marker permanent).  Then fill the plate with something special and pass it along to someone new, as a surprise.  A friend, a neighbor, a family member, a co-worker or any one else you feel needs or deserves a little extra love and appreciation.  The power of the Giving Plate is strong, but only if you continue the trail. So please pass this along!

Can’t wait to hear some stories!  Please help me share the power of the Giving Plate by sharing this post too!  Thanks friends!

<3 Lulubell Elaine


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