Hello and welcome back!

This is the last day of a five-day tutorial on organizing your life!  If this is your first time here, or if you happened to miss a step, no worries!

Let’s go over a quick recap:

STEP 1: Mail & Receipt Stations

STEP 2: Bill Pay & Finance Calendar

STEP 3: Bill Pay Station

STEP4: Filing Organization System

Now, onto the final step!

STEP 5: Home Command Station

Home Command Center

I’ve seen many home command stations (aka home command centers) that are much better looking than mine, my shabby little station is definitely a work in progress (step 1…new fridge! Ha ha ha!), but none-the-less, it does its job!


A home command station is your go-to spot in your home for all those important little everyday reminders (i.e. calendar of upcoming events, invitations, schedules, pet vaccinations, doctors appointments, gift cards, and in the case of my poor hubby…even jury duty summons!  I won’t joke about that though, because I know I’ll be next).

The purpose of this center is to create communication between family members and to make sure nothing is forgotten!


1. Pick a spot

One of the best places for this is in the kitchen, because it is one of the most high traffic places in the home.  If that’s not the case for you though, find a spot that you and your family will pass by on a daily basis.

2. Get a calendar

The calendar is the basis of this station.  It reminds us of all of our upcoming events so there is no forgetting OR double booking of any sort.

3.  Find ways to hang things

If it’s on a fridge, magnets are probably your best bet.  (I love my zebra print clip magnets!)  If not, you may want to think about cork boards, ribbon boards, picture frames, etc.

4.  Have a grocery/shopping list

If you haven’t checked out my pretty awesome (and extremely useful) grocery list printable, get it now and print them out! Having a grocery list available helps you keep track of items you need and are close to running out of.  That way, when it comes time for shopping, you won’t forget!

Now the most important thing is this…PUT IT TO USE!  Keep your calendar up to date and make a habit of checking through everything at least once a day.


So…do you feel a little more organized and a little less stressed now?  I hope so!

One thing that I learned is that all of these organization processes don’t come easy.  You sort of have to train yourself and make them habits.  Like I mentioned in the beginning, I haven’t always been so organized, but boy does it sure feel good now ; )

Happy Monday everyone!

<3 Lulubell Elaine