Hello & happy Monday everyone!  Hopefully everyone is feeling a little less stressed after Step 2 of organizing your life (Bill Pay & Finance Calendar).  Now let’s continue!  It’s on to Step 3!


If you’re REALLY looking to get your life organized, you can’t afford to miss this step!  This is my home Bill Pay Station.  Simply put, it is a basic desk organizer that holds everything you need to pay your bills.  After sorting through all of your mail and opening all of your bills from Step 1 and setting up your Bill Pay Calendar from Step 2, this is where you’d go next.

Bill Pay Station

Whether you pay your bills every week, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly like we do, this is a special DESIGNATED AREA where you will come to pay your bills.  The best spot for this station is RIGHT next to your Bill Pay Calendar from Step 2.

Making a designated area for this task (paying bills) creates organization in your home.  It creates repetition which makes it easier and in turn, much less stressful!  Paying bills is now a breeze for me!  I take about 20 minutes twice a month (we get paid bi-monthly) and it’s done!  No stress and a happy hubby home life!

Here’s what your Bill Pay Station should have:

  • Envelopes
  • Return Address Labels
  • Postage Stamps
  • Check Book
  • Check Register
  • Internet Password Keeper (for all of your online bills)
  • And 3 Files

Bill Pay Station File Folders

  1. NEED TO PAY: These are bills and/or anything else that needs to be paid (duh!)
  2. NEED TO FILE: These are any bills that have already been paid, any medical records that needs to be filed, special receipts that need to be filed, etc
  3. NEED TO HOLD ON TO:  This anything from hotel registration information for an upcoming trip, printed tickets for an upcoming concert or a receipt/claim ticket that you will need in the future.

Having a stapler and paperclips nearby is a great idea too!

And now we’re halfway there!  Three steps down, two to go!  As a quick recap, so far you should have the following in place:

  • Your Mail Station
  • Your Receipt Station
  • Your Bill Pay Calendar
  • Your Bill Pay Station

I hope the stress is slowly melting away!  So get your Bill Pay Stations in line and join me next Monday for Step 4 of Organizing Your Life in 5 Easy Steps!  Step 4 is by far the single most important system EVERY person should have in place in their home.  Don’t miss it!

<3 Lulubell Elaine


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