Hellooooo!  It feels so good to be back!  I have so much to share with you!  Over the last few months I’ve been working on my major list of to-do’s and I’ve actually come a long way.  Today’s post is a BIG checkmark off that list….ORGANIZING MY RECYCLABLES!

Organizing and Sorting Recyclables

I’m proud to say that the hubby and I are great when it comes to recycling, however our recycling organization is pretty much non-existent.  We use 4 old trash cans to store our recyclables; no sorting, no organization and we’ve never even used bags!  It tends to be an icky mess when it comes time to take everything to the recycling center.  Sorting at that point, is never fun.

So I had a fun idea to put some organization into our recycling efforts and make sorting recyclables a breeze!


FIRST STEP: Add Some Color!

I cleaned our 4 trash can lids, taped them off and painted a stripe right down the middle.  If you’re really gutsy, paint the whole lid!

Organizing and Sorting Recyclables - Painting Stripes on Lids

Already looking sooooo much better!

Organizing and Sorting Recyclables - Lids Painted


SECOND STEP: Add Your Labels!

There are many crafty techniques out there I’m sure you can use to label your lids, but for me, since I wanted a particular font, this is the method I used:

Organizing and Sorting Recyclables - Labeling Lids

1.  Print your lettering and cut to size.  Using a pencil, rough sketch on the back side of the paper just around the outline of the font.

2. Tape your lettering into place and using a ball point pen (or other sturdy pointy object) trace along the outline of the font from the front side of the paper.

3.  This will leave a rough outline of your font.

4.  Using a sharpie marker, trace the rough outline to help you stay within the lines.  Then, using a paintbrush and any permanent paint, paint within the lines.  This may take a few coats depending on the paint, but make sure to the paint dry thoroughly before applying each coat.

LAST STEP: Put Your Recycling Cans To Use!

After you’ve added all of your labels, throw some utility size trash bags in and start sorting your recyclables!

The finished product not only looks so much better, but it will save you lots of time when it comes to recycling too!  Besides, recycling is so much more fun when it looks cute ; )

I hope you enjoyed this fun idea for organizing your recyclables.  Can’t wait to talk to you again soon!

<3 Lulubell Elaine