I’m so excited to share with you my St. Patrick’s Day gift idea!  I love St. Patrick’s Day for so many reasons…

Here are my top 5:

1.  It’s an entire day centered around the color GREEN! (hello…)

2.  Who doesn’t love GREEN BEER?!

3. Beer, beer and more beer!

4. Don’t you just FEEL LUCKY?



Well, aside from that, it’s just another fun holiday for me to make cute gifts for the people I love!

I made these for my two cuties! (My niece and nephew)

Like A Pot O Gold I'm Lucky to Have You - St. Patrick's Day Treat CupLike A Pot O Gold I'm Lucky To Have You!


Here’s how my cute little St. Patrick’s day treat cups were made…

1.  Spray paint, dip or brush the bottom of the cups black to create your “pot”

Like A Pot Of Gold  - Plastic Cups With Bottoms Spray Painted Black

2.  Stuff the bottom with tissue paper (this is optional, but I didn’t have enough gold chocolate coins so I had to)

Like A Pot O Gold - Plastic Cups Stuffed With Gold Tissue Paper

3.  Add your gold chocolate coins.  I even put a piece of puff tape to keep them in place.

Like A Pot O Gold - Gold Chocolate Coins With Puff Tape

Like A Pot O Gold - Gold Chocolate Coins In Plastic Cup

4.  Add your Rainbow Twizzlers, stuffing them in on the sides to form your “rainbows”

Like A Pot O Gold - Gold Chocolate Coins and Rainbow Twizzlers

5.  Wrap with some cellophane and tie with some cute green ribbons and you are almost set!

Like A Pot O Gold - Plastic Cups Filled and Tied Up With Ribbon

6.  Then top it off with a cute little tag and you’re done!

Like A Pot O Gold - Plastic Cups Filled and Tied Up With Ribbon and A Cute Tag

Oh, did I mention my tag is a FREE PRINTABLE?!  Yup, that’s right!  Get your FREE ‘LIKE A POT O GOLD’ PRINTABLE TAGS BY CLICKING ON THE LINK BELOW.

Like-A-Pot-O-Gold-I'm-Lucky-To-Have-YouLike A Pot O Gold I’m Lucky To Have You

By the way, in case you don’t catch it, the tags are actually a little different…one says “I’m lucky to HAVE YOU” and the other says “I’m lucky to HAVE FOUND YOU”.  I figured that we all “FIND” our friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, etc, but there are some people we don’t find, we’re just darn sure lucky to have them in our lives! So enjoy both!

Wishing you the best of LUCK, now and always, and a cheerful St. Patrick’s Day!

<3 Lulubell Elaine

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