Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a special drink recipe hand-crafted with love, aka made with any ingredients I could find in my cute little cabinets.  What can I say, when I’m too lazy to go out, but look forward to a nice “beverage”, it’s a no-holds-barred type game, but this time, I think I hit the jackpot!  Think Tequila Sunrise meets tasty morning smoothie!  You can’t go wrong with that!

So why the name?  Well, for the love part, because it’s almost Valentine’s day of course, the dirty part just made it sound interesting.  But when you mix the orange juice and the cranberry juice it really does look a little dirty, but don’t let these looks fool you…its taste is out of this world!

So here it is!  Mix and enjoy!

Dirty Love Drink Mix Recipe


1/2 glass (cold) Orange Juice

1/2 glass (cold) Cranberry Juice

Splash of Grenadine

1/2 shot Triple Sec

1/2 shot of Tequila


Oh, and did I mention I’m including those cute little “I like my love dirty” straw flags!  Yup, that’s right!  Get em here:  I Like My Love Dirty Straw Flags






I hope you enjoy this Dirty Love Mixed Drink Recipe and have a wonderful and very happy Valentine’s Day!

<3 Lulubell Elaine