Have you ever wished you could “eat at home more”?  (Haven’t we all?)  Well, whether you’d like to eat at home more to save money or keep away from that greasy fried food, half the battle and the headaches of eating at home is the time it takes to prep a meal.

5 Easy Steps To Eating At Home More

We’re not all stay-at-home moms and dads who have oodles of time on our hands throughout the day to cook a meal, nor are any of us master chefs.  If you’re like me, when you get home from work, all you want to do is sit down and relax, but wait!  Before you settle your cute little booties in those comfy couch cushions beware!  This is your first step in the wrong direction!

I used to have a hard time cooking at home, but I’ve learned a few tricks along the way that make cooking at home a breeze and still gives you enough time to relax and do whatever it is you need or want to do before it’s time to go to sleep.  So keep reading on and learn my 5 easy steps to ensure that you EAT AT HOME MORE!


Don’t stress about planning big, four-course, fabulous or extravagant meals.  Stick to simple, good, hearty meals.

My trick here is keeping a list of all of my normal or routine meal ideas (our favorite meals), and only on occasion trying new recipes.  When I try new meals, after we’re done eating, the hubby and I play the bump-it or dump-it game…aka if it’s good we add it to our favorite meals list, if not, wah wah wah….

So guess what?!  I’ve created a cute FREE PRINTABLE just for you!  Print it out (you’ll probably need at least 2-3 sheets), fill it out and start using it!

Our Favorite Meals ListClick here for my “Our Favorite Meals List ” Printable.


Next is the grocery list!  Once you PLAN your meals for the week (or two weeks if you’re courageous enough), make your grocery list.  Don’t forget to use my handy-dandy, quick shopping, weekly grocery list and only buy what you need!

Weekly Grocery List

Free Weekly Grocery List Printable

My trick here is to keep a good stock of ingredients I use often (i.e. tomato sauce, canned/frozen veggies, rice, etc).  I’m also big on shopping in bulk (only enough for 2-4 weeks) when it comes to meats and sauces such as chicken, ground beef, fish, alfredo sauce, marinera sauce, etc.  All these things you can divide into 1-day servings and freeze for future use.


Now that you have your list, it’s time to go shopping.  Don’t do this after work, because you’re not going to want to cook after shopping, and don’t shop when you’re hungry.  The best time to go is on the weekend, when you have enough time to shop stress free and can really think about your purchases.  Shopping under stress causes you to forget items and shopping when you are hungry causes you to over buy, so don’t do it!


This is BIG STEP NUMBER 2!  Prep your meals!  Go through each meal on your list for the week.  Wash, peel, cut and chop any necessary ingredients like veggies and meats, and place them in individual containers so they are ready for you during the week.

GOOD TIPS:  Especially do this for lettuce!  When you buy lettuce, wash it, dry it completely (use a salad spinner if you have one, if not, shaking well and drying thoroughly with a paper towel works good too), chop it up and then place it in a sealed container with a folded paper towel or napkin lying gently on top of the lettuce.  Make sure the container is sealed well (sometimes I use a glass container with cling-wrap).  Not only does this help keep your lettuce fresher longer, but it also makes you want to eat it!  I even make things like beans and other side dishes in advance too.  If you make a big pot of beans, just divide and freeze and you’re set for any meal you’d like to serve beans with!

1.      DON’T SIT DOWN!

This is my BIG STEP NUMBER ONE!  When you get home from work, don’t sit down!  The second you sit down, you will immediately feel relaxed and tired and you will not want to cook.  If you’re like me, you’re just holding off on dinner until it’s too late to cook, and then shucks!  Through the drive-thru you go…

So don’t get lazy, be proactive, plan, prep and make eating at home just as easy as eating out!

Hope you enjoyed this serving of the Lulubell Elaine blog!  Now get on it!

<3 Lulubell Elaine


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